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UPDATE. Now before September 2, 2019. $1 per credit.

UPDATED: Comply by September 2 to receive a one-time $1.00 per-unit credit from Amazon.

UPDATE. Now on/before September 3, 2019. $1.99 per penalty.

UPDATED: After September 2, sellers not in compliance will be charged $1.99 per unit by Amazon.

We offer the full range of Amazon Frustration-Free Certification and Packaging Solutions.

Designed to reduce packaging waste, costs and damage, and make packages easier to open, Amazon’s groundbreaking Frustration-Free Packaging program will require sellers to meet certification guidelines. Early-adopter incentives are in effect now and the deadline to comply is NOW September 2, 2019. After that, there will be ongoing chargebacks for every uncertified package.

  • All packages fulfilled by Amazon that are larger than 18” x 14” x 8” or heavier than 20 lbs. will require certification.
  • Sellers who comply by September 2 will receive a one-time $1.00 per-unit credit. Now beginning September 3, those not in compliance will be charged $1.99 per unit.


Now’s the time to redesign.

As an APASS member, Veritiv can help you test and quickly re-design as needed to meet Amazon requirements. We’re approved to provide everything you need to satisfy the requirements of the program: package testing, packaging supply, and packaging design certification.

Package Testing

The program includes three tiers of certification. Veritiv can test and certify your packaging, without additional testing or documentation from Amazon, for all three levels.

Curbside recyclable materials Tier 1
Easy to open Tier 1
Minimal packaging Tier 1
Ships without an Amazon overbox Tier 2Tier 1
Minimal damage/defect rates Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1
No prep required by Amazon Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1



Veritiv is proud to be one of only a few firms in the APASS Network approved to provide services beyond just testing. Our proven processes for packaging design and supply minimize waste, maximize efficiency and savings, and optimize the experience for your customers by making packages easier and more enjoyable to open.

We offer:
  • Material-neutral approach: Go beyond corrugated and foam.
  • Structural design, graphic design, prototyping, testing and material analysis
  • Global sourcing and resources near manufacturing facilities

Why Veritiv?

APASS Packaging Testing Lab, Supply, and Design Capabilities

Veritiv streamlines the certification process with our comprehensive range of services.

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