We align broadly and deeply, with the best suppliers, to most effectively service our customers.

We partner with leading national brands to ensure superior performance, reliability and innovation. We’re committed to ensuring the safety, quality and compliance of the products we supply to our customers.

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Who is Veritiv?

Veritiv Corporation (NYSE: VRTV), is a North American leader in business-to-business distribution solutions. Serving customers across virtually every industry, Veritiv provides Packaging, Facility Solutions, Print and Publishing, Print Management; and is also a provider of logistics and supply chain management services.

Veritiv was established in 2014 following the merger of International Paper’s xpedx division and Unisource Worldwide, and has emerged as a business-to-business distribution solutions leader in North America.

Today, Veritiv's focus on segment-tailored market leadership and commitment to operational excellence allows us to partner with world class suppliers, add additional value through multiple capabilities, and deliver solutions to a wide range of customer segments.

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warehouse locations


warehouse space

~18 Million Square Feet of Warehouse Space

*As of December 31, 2018. All data reflects Veritiv operations worldwide with the exception of warehouse locations and square footage, which reflect our North American distribution network only.


Standards of our Suppliers

Veritiv aligns with the best suppliers to most effectively service our customers.

We engage leading national brands for superior performance, reliability and innovation. We seek suppliers committed to ethics, safety, and quality.

The Veritiv Values set expectations for our suppliers’ entire supply chain. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity; treat people with dignity and respect; comply with laws, regulations and treatises; provide safe and healthy workplaces; and respect the environment. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Learn more in our Supplier Code of Conduct.



e-supplier program contact information

For questions about the e-supplier program, including new solutions, changing solutions and business process changes, click here.  

For questions about EDI supplier support for Veritiv, click here or call 800-868-6250

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Canadian Provincial Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption

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